Some additional informations ?

This museum is made of nine rooms ( named Room_1_1, Room_1_2, Room_1_3, Room_2_1, Room_2_2, Room_2_3, Room_3_1, Room_3_2 and Room_3_3), the first number is the line number and the second, the column number on the map. But you can change these names like you want ( and don't forget to change somes links) or to reconfigure the museum in 6X1 or 2X2 or... To each room corresponds a directory.

Each rooms is divide in height zones (named zone_1_1, zone_1_2, zone_1_3, zone_2_1, zone_2_3, zone_3_1, zone_3_2 and zone_3_3) , the meaning of the numbering is the same as the room numbering.To each zone corresponds a directory. Please notify that there is no zone_2_2 because at this place theree are four walls. The reason is that : 1 it allow more space to put you work on and 2 it prevent me to foreseen all the different posibilities of room configurations in the drawing.

Each zone is composed of four views ( named vue_N, vue_E, vue_S and vue_W) corresponding to what should see a visitor being in this room, in this zone looking in that direction. To each view correspond a html page associeted with a jpg image of the view and on wich are put clickable surfaces.

As the views are often the same, the jpg images are ind´┐Żpendants of the html pages and gathered in the directory 'images'. The name of these images has a signification, it describes the view in front of you: a wall, a corner, the current zone and the next or the tree zones and depending if there are doors or not. The place of 'WithDoor'in the word has a signification.

For the redesign of the inside, you will only have to redraw the jpg images as you like...You can find here the equivalants of the jpg images in format psp (paint shop pro) zipped under the name (you will also find the entire museum zipped)

The images were made with paint shop pro 6.02

The html pages html were made with FrontPage Editor

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