Welcom to the first virtual museum

Its main caracteristic ? It is empty !

The reason of its existance ? Being the base for the realisation of your own ideas. Don't expect to find here a museum full productive, it is only some walls and a system of links to let you move in it. You wil have to redesign inside and install the work to be exposed (pictures, texts, sounds, hyperlinks, ...),  the entry and out doors.

How does it works ? Simple ! Every pages is made of a simple drawing of an inside vue in the museum, on this picture there are 3 or 4 clikable zones :

- The 'MAP' zone , clicking on it will show you the map of the museum (in this case the picture is realy simple).

-A zone on the left (move the mouse on the picture, you will see that it will become a hand), to turn one fourth left.

-A zone on the right, to turn right.

-And if you are not in front of a wall, a zone in the center of the picture will let you move one step forward in the museum.

If you want to move from one room to an other, you must have a door in front of you and click on it.

To enter in the museum, click here.

To have more technical information, click here.

Have a good day.